EMBEC Conference

Hey all you mind tripper extraordinaires. I know that bio-medical science is a bad word among some of you hippy sorts, but hold onto that judgement for a quick sec.

I know some folks who are trying to get the EMBEC Conference started again. You can check them out over at their website here - http://www.embec.org/

Why should you care about this? Super duper question! We are at the cusp of being able to biologically modify our brains. The tech will happen. What’s important is that someone checks out the implications before we all modify our noggins and go totally zombie.

Do you follow? I hope so. :)

Testosterone and Altered States of Consciousness

I’ve of ten wondered how testosterone affects the mind. Do roid raging dudes actually have altered consciousness?

I know that testosterone is a necessary chemical in order to have a sense of well being. Anyway, I’m gonna read up on it more over at this natural testosterone supplement site. I figure a natural site like this is http://howtoboosttestosterone.net/ more likely to have legit info than some roidie site, but who knows.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, hit me up.